A La Carte

First Course


Oysters - north & south coast varieties – white soy & lime 4.8 each
Selection of sashimi fish 35 / 65
Spicy tuna hand roll, avocado, tobiko, miso paste 32
King prawns, nashi pear, radish, whipped cod roe 35
Yellowfin tuna, fennel mousse, tomato ponzu, karkalla, puffed rice 35
Jamon iberico, watermelon, feta, pistachio, pea 32


Fresh soft shell crab hand rolls, avocado, tobiko 32 (2) / 47 (3)
Charred octopus, confit potato, smoked creme fraiche, saltbush 32
Petuna ocean trout, Jerusalem artichoke, mandarin, puffed wild rice 34
Fresh figs, goat’s cheese burek, tamarind, smoked almond 28

Second Course


Snapper fillet, persimmon, soy cream, charred shallots 45
Roast barramundi, cauliflower, hazelnut, pomegranate 46
John Dory, Warrigal greens, lobster yuzu butter 48
Tidal bisque of shellfish, prawn, mushroom & corn 40
Whole fried market fish, Singapore chilli sauce, coconut rice MP
Northern Territory mud crab MP
Noosa Spanner crab MP
Western Australian marron MP


Garden beignets, balsamic field mushroom, black garlic 36
Roasted duck breast, carrot, liver parfait, cardamom crumb 48
Whole twice cooked spatchcock, spiced eggplant & peanut steamed bun 50
Little Joe grass fed scotch fillet 300g, celeriac, mushroom 60
1.3kg Darling Downs wagyu rib eye on the bone, cep cream, condiments 160


Baby cos lettuce salad 10
Hand cut chips, chilli salt 12
Green beans, almonds, garlic 12
Roast beetroot, cumin yoghurt 14


Roast pear, buttermilk panna cotta, poppy seed cake, milk sorbet 19
Yuzu parfait, pistachio sponge, white chocolate sorbet 21
Coconut cheesecake, Anzac biscuit malt crumb, strawberry sorbet 21
passionfruit soufflé, almond milk coulis, yoghurt sorbet 26
Crunchy chocolate honeycomb, chestnut cake, mandarin, tonka ice cream 22
Selection of cheeses - please refer to the daily cheese card
Individual portion 40g 15
Two cheeses 30
Three cheeses 42
Four cheeses 50

All crackers, breads & seasonal accompaniments served with our cheeses are made in house.

Tea and Coffee 7
served with petits fours

Flying Fish Al a carte Menu

Flying Fish_Dining menu_Autumn 2018

Please note:

We can cater for most dietary requirements – please discuss with your waiter. Pricing is indicative only and subject to change without notice.

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barmenu_flying_fish_sydney_02 A La Carte at Flying Fish | Best Seafood Platter {keyword}
barmenu_flying_fish_sydney_06 A La Carte at Flying Fish | Best Seafood Platter {keyword}
barmenu_flying_fish_sydney_05 A La Carte at Flying Fish | Best Seafood Platter {keyword}
barmenu_flying_fish_sydney_04 A La Carte at Flying Fish | Best Seafood Platter {keyword}
barmenu_flying_fish_sydney_03 A La Carte at Flying Fish | Best Seafood Platter {keyword}
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What People Say

stars A La Carte at Flying Fish | Best Seafood Platter {keyword}

I always want to go to this restaurant but having 2 kids it’s hard to find the right time to go. Hubby took me to this restaurant for my birthday without the kids. The place is nice and quiet. I was surprise there were quite a few tables on a Monday night. We had the six course chef menu. The food and service were excellent. The view and table setting was fabulous. The chef made a special dessert for my birthday! Thanks for a wonderful night!

- Jacky
Brilliant view with a cocktail outside to start. Had the degustation meal with wines to match, loved it all. Sommelier knew what he was talking about and suggested a few wines I had never heard of that matched perfectly with the dishes.

- Adam T
If I could have scored it 11 I would! Faultless service, delicious food and a warm and welcoming atmosphere - a perfect way to spend a chilly Sunday lunch. Can't wait to go back.

- Karen
svg+xml;base64,PHN2ZyB4bWxucz0iaHR0cDovL3d3dy53My5vcmcvMjAwMC9zdmciIHZlcnNpb249IjEuMCIgd2lkdGg9IjEyMDAiIGhlaWdodD0iMjAwIiA+PC9zdmc+ A La Carte at Flying Fish | Best Seafood Platter {keyword}