Little Fish Cocktail List


Monday 5pm - 10.30pm
Tuesday - Saturday 12 noon - 10.30pm
Sunday 12 noon- 5.00pm

Whether you’re after a classic cocktail or a new cocktail with a seasonal twist, Little Fish Bar’s selection is irresistible. We also have a full range of wines, beers, and spirits.


Green Apple Tea(ni) 20
Belvedere Pure, Frangelico and lime juice mingled with Turkish Apple tea syrup.
Butter Me Up 19

Tasmanian 666 Butter vodka, pear, vanilla, chilli chocolate bitters.
Orange Cherry Blossom Martini 19

Grey Goose L’Orange, Sake, cherry liqueur and lemon.
Bombay Blush 19
Bombay Sapphire Gin, Grand Marnier, almond, apple.
Gin Genie 20
Tanqueray 10, ginger liqueur, lime, mint, egg whites.
Rum Figgie Rum 22
Appleton Rum, fig, cinnamon, lemon.
Jimmy’s Mule 19
Herradura silver, lime, passionfruit, agave, cucumber, ginger, chilli.
Summit 22
Cognac Hennessy VS, lime, ginger.
Sweet & Sour Cigar Box 22
Dewars, Lagavulin, vanilla, lemon, chocolate.
Bourbon Bramble 20
Woodford reserve, Chambord, lemon.
Pisco Sour 19
Pisco, lime, egg white, bitters.


You can add Bacardi Superior or 42 Below Pure, 45ml, to the non-alcoholic cocktails.

Apple Upsetting the Almond Cart 11
Apple, ruby grapefruit juice, Orgeat syrup and fresh passionfruit
Orange Grove 11
Orange, apple, cinnamon syrup & Peychaud’s bitters.
Penny Lane 11
Strawberry, lime, white sugar, cranberry.
Lady Elderflower 11
Pineapple, cranberry, elderflower
The Shangri La Dee Da 11
Lychee, lime, cranberry and lemonade.
Raspberry Beret 11
Raspberries, apple, lime, vanilla and ginger ale.

Classic Cocktails

The first documented definition of the word “cocktail” was May 6th 1806 in The Balance and Columbia Repository.

“It is a potent concoction of spirits, bitters, water and sugar.”

The Martini
The classical the way you prefer from our range of gin
 and vodka garnished with a citrus twist or green olives.

The Margarita .
From our range of 100% Agave tequilas shaken with Cointreau, and lime and lemon juices.

The Sours .
A concoction of lemon juice, sugar and the white of an egg with any liquor you prefer. Whiskey, Bourbon, Amaretto or Brandy.
Manhattan .

The Perfect way. Canadian 12yr Old Whisky lightly stirred with Noilly Prat, Martini Rosso and Angostura Bitters.
Old Fashioned .

Your choice of bourbon stirred with angostura bitters, sugar and ice.
Negroni .

The perfect aperitif with gin, sweet vermouth and Campari finished with a twist of grapefruit.
Bellini .

A delicate blend of Prosecco, white peach puree and peach liqueur.
Mai Tai .

Appleton 8yr reserve rum, Cointreau, fresh lime juice and almond syrup shaken then served short over crushed ice with a tropical bouquet.
Cosmopolitan .
Grey Goose Le Citron shaken with Cointreau, cranberry and lime juices.
Caipirinha .

A taste of Brazil in a refreshing mix of Cachaca, fresh lime, and brown sugar.


James Boag’s Premium Lager 9.5
Launceston, Tasmania
Birra Moretti 10
Milan, Italy
4 Pines Kolsch 10
Manly, NSW
Hitachino Nest White Ale 15
Ibaraki, Japan
Balmain Brewery Pale Ale 10
Balmain, NSW
Croucher Pale Ale 500ml 19
Rotorua, New Zealand
Anchor Brewing Co. ‘Steam Ale’ 10
San Francisco, USA
Harviestoun ‘Bitter & Twisted’ Blonde Beer 11
Clackmannanshire, Scotland
Holgate Brewhouse ESB 11
Woodend, Victoria
Red Duck Amber Ale 13
Ballarat, Victoria
Balmain Brewery Pilsner 10
Balmain, NSW
Young Henry 640ml 16
Newtown, NSW
Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale 14
Brooklyn, USA
Amager Rye Porter 500ml 21
Kastrup, Denmark
Baird Beer Black Smoke Stout 24
Shizuoka, Japan
Barossa Valley Cider Co. Squashed Apple 9
Barossa Valley, Sth Australia
The Hills Cider Company, Pear 9
Adelaide Hills, South Australia
James Boag’s Light 8.5
Launceston, Tasmania

A Selection of Canapes and Cocktails at Little Fish Bar, Sydney. Perfect for a Cocktail Party

“Here’s to the divine liquor which is as delicious to the palate, as the cock’s tails are beautiful to the eye. Vive le Cocktail”